Is there actually any MM who prefer actually single AP?

Thank you for response. I'am a single woman,was with married man,but was horrible,because he constantly abused me mentally how I will "ruin his life",so he ruined all by accusing me over stuff I would never do.

Overtime I noticed more and more signs of his fetish actually toward married women. I wasn't jealous,but felt judged for no reason,plus I don't want a man to be into me because he wants to compete over other man. Is like cuck thing,and it turns me off if he likes me only because third man is in picture. It means he don't likes me because of me,but because of other man,if you get me? I could be any married woman in that case.

He literally told me what you said. But I read/heard of way too many stories of married women ruining lifes of their AP,getting overly attached,wanting him to leave etc, nagging he can't find more time,or texting too late, like just all what single women are accused constantly,is what married women do as well. I saw no difference. When emotions hits,some women just can't keep in check,some married men also made troubles to lifes of single women as well. I think is more about maturity of people involved,then status.

Is why often time I quessed because of those facts,that maybe some married men just try to bash single women,to justify their fetish for married? I mean is their right to prefer it,we all have preferences,is just that I saw no difference who is more safer. Maybe am wrong,will look up if there is some statistic,lol

The only thing which I agree is that common life experience,familly/kids. But drama? I saw it can happen on all sides honestly,heck,alot of times married men became too attached to single or married and made them mess as well first one,so many different life stories.

Ps: I don't have NOTHING against married women just to be clear,I'am pro-woman,I just felt discriminated from him. Women are women,I could marry at any point,so I don't divide women "married vs. single".

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