Is there an edition of the game that includes the DLC?

Not all weapons two hand. L1 transforms your weapon. Some two hand, some extend, some do other things.

When you one hand, your L2 is usually a gun. There are some other L2 items, like a torch, but mainly guns. Most are shit for damage without stat investment, and can’t be aimed outside of the lock-on feature. Blunderbuss can stun and interrupt enemy attacks, though. You parry by shooting the enemy right before an attack lands, similar timing to a Dark Souls Parry. High Risk, High Reward, also like Dark Souls. Main difference is ammunition is limited - 20 rounds, just like Blood Vials. Ammo can be bought or farmed. Tapping up on the D-Pad will trade health for a few rounds of ammo, if you are out.

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