Is there any actual evidence to support the claim that ''The Red Pill'' works in real life?

Why wouldn't it?


  1. Get in shape.

  2. Develop your voice, speaking, sense of humor. Etc.

  3. Fashion.

  4. Present confidence, even if you're nervous.

  5. Approach, whoever you think has the best chance of giving you a yes, or is at least in the mood to be challenged. Don't be boring. Flirt. Establish masculine charm. Play with possibilities. Use cunning wit to break down barriers/ace her playful testing. Break whatever minor taboos/soft limits seem appropriate to keep it interesting. Apologies if I'm skipping important steps or adding them unnecessarily. I don't do ONS, I don't initiate, and I avoid meat markets.

Anyways, from what I understand, there's not much difference between it and just basically approaching anyone, masculine style.

I doubt they're using redpill terminology, as even they're aware it sounds like 12 year old geeks roleplaying a stealth ops.

Throw in some rough sex, show off strength, etc. Maybe you'll do this again, together. Maybe not.

Then come to Reddit and vent about outrage porn of questionable quality, because Reddit is the McDonald's of moral superiority. Maybe offer some genuine self improvement advice to those who'll take it. Maybe wish there was less anger phase posting, but remain firm in your belief that these guys should be allowed to share their thoughts.

Something like that?

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