Is there any anime that you like but it is not well known and you wish more people knows about it?

Just, no.

It's very slow and plodding and that could have been fine if it was not for the WTFBS ending that only makes sense if you read 3 guides and an interview with the director.

It was made at a time when a lot of anime thought the popularity of EVA was largely because of the weird ending which only really happened because they ran out of budget but a ton of people misunderstood and thought their anime will be super popular if they just have EVA's confusing ending but with a budget to keep up the nice visuals till the end.

So we got stuff like texhnolyze or Big O that completely shit the bed at the end and random bs happens like it's 2001 and no one can tell wtf is going because symbolism will inevitably be different for everyone and stories, despite literally popular opinion, do not actually tell themselves, someone has to properly tell them until the end.

That aside Texhnolyze's mc seemed to have no clue about what he was doing or why he was doing it. A lot of the plot was just stuff that happened and felt kinda incoherent, a pretty poor narrative.

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