Is there any benefits at all to taking steroids or sarms before 20 (18/19) or does the body produce enough naturally?

So from my very basic understanding of sarms, tren, and anabolic steroids do (because I was looking into taking them at 19). Basically, do NOT take it when you’re pretty young (18-20s). It’ll just fuck with your test levels for the future.

Scientifically, it’s really similar to doing drugs. (Very quick sparknotes) When you do drugs, your brain produces dopamine (the happy brain hormone). Over time, your brain will get used to the overt production of dopamine where you naturally no longer produce it. Similarly, when taking anabolics or tren/sarms, your body will not produce the proper amount of testosterone for your body.

That being said. If you are going to take steroids/sarms/tren, make sure to get your blood work done regularly and consult a doctor about it before and while using.

Also, you’ll see gains in terms of size and muscle growth. However, it’s very short term. The risks/damage to your heart/liver/kidneys is astounding. It’s better to get to a point where you push your body to the limits and then think about cycling or taking tren/sarms. Jeff Nippard did a really in depth dissection of tren/sarms/anabolics etc and it’s a good listen if you’ve got the time.

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