Is There Any Point To Amateur Extra?

If you don't see the marginal utility in it, then it doesn't exist for you. You appear have reached maximum total utility with your General license

Nothing wrong with that. I'm an extra, and for me the utility of not having to worry about band plans + learning things I didn't know before (I like knowing things) was enough. The nice feeling of satisfaction at getting the highest level of ham license was a bonus but not the primary motivating factor.

I know what you mean about not seeing the point - I have been licensed for a few months now, and I mostly listen to conversations. I find the whole cq-response-73 cycle uninteresting. People speak to each other for 10-20 seconds and move on. I have also heard the ragchews, and a rare few sound like fun, but there's nothing I've heard that makes me want to jump in. Again, this is a personal choice, and I can totally understand why other people find these things fascinating and exciting.

For me, the fun is in playing around with the IC-7300, learning all the features and options, and using that to try and listen to people from far off lands. For me, that is ham radio. I may get into satellite transmissions later this year.

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