Is there any way I can read Marvel and DC comics in the order of the events that happen in their universes?

It's hard to get into Marvel's since they haven't done reboots so every thing they have published since are all canon, unlike dc who've done multiple reboots over the past. Here is a summary of DCs history I found.

gen 1 heroic age (golden age year 1 to year 18, post justice society year 19 to year 25)(25 years)(jay garrick gen): wonder woman starts -> justice society, dinah drake black canary starts (year 3), sgt rock (year 4), justice society in world war 2 (year 5), all star squadron (year 5), freedom fighters (year 5) -> dinah lance born (year 12) -> clack kent becomes superboy in secret (year 13) -> death of thomas and martha wayne (year 16) -> justice society disbands (year 18) -> martian manhunter arrives (year 19) -> challengers of the unknown (year 24).

gen 2 space age (silver age and bronze age)(15 years)(barry allen gen): start of superman and batman -> justice league vs starro, martian manhunter is founder (year 4), doom patrol (year 5) -> justice league justice society team up (crisis), teen titans start (year 6) -> supergirl starts, barry allen marries iris west (year 8) -> batgirl starts (year 11) -> new teen titans by marv wolfman and george perez, zatanna and firestorm join justice league -> shazam (captain marvel) starts -> crisis has death of supergirl and death of barry allen.

gen 3 crisis age (post crisis)(15 years)(wally west, tornado twins gen): justice league by keith giffen, guy gardner and john stewart are green lanterns of earth, hal jordan is green lantern of space, tornado twins are born -> death of jason todd, killing joke -> death of superman -> zero hour, connor hawke, hal jordan dies in final night -> justice league by grant morrison, young justice -> justice society by geoff johns -> teen titans by geoff johns -> wally west marries linda park -> arthur joseph curry as aquaman -> irey west and jai west -> identity crisis, supergirl returns -> hal jordan returns -> infinite crisis, 52 weekly series, oracle barbara gordon becomes batgirl again -> green arrow and black canary wedding -> final crisis (barry allen returns, batman disappears, dick grayson as batman) -> blackest night -> brightest day -> flashpoint (aquaman vs wonder woman).

gen 4 flashpoint age (post flashpoint)(5 years)(gen of impulse bart allen and xs): start of wildstorm heroes -> damian wayne as robin, bruce wayne returns -> new 52 justice league, new 52 teen titans, vic sage resurrected -> rebirth, post rebirth titans, post rebirth teen titans, vic sage as question -> metal, new age, teen titans of damian wayne, return of impulse bart allen and kon-el who are in young justice, jon travels to future with jor-el (year 4) -> year of the villain, hell arisen, jon returns aged, jon joins 31st century legion (year 5)

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