Is there anyone in BN following COVID-19 regulations?

This is going to be an unpopular opinion here but maybe keep an open mind to a different viewpoint before downvoting. This hasn't got anything to do with BN and covid but more of a general observation. I don't know if anyone here read a UN global impact report that came out recently that stated that more people in developing countries will die due to hunger that's caused by extended lockdowns in the developed world. A lot of developing counties' economies rely on tourism. Also, it's not possible for a lot of countries to go into lockdown. That's a guaranteed death sentence v a probable one from covid. So when people talk about lockdowns and how strictly they have been following guidelines, it's usually only considering a US/developed world perspective. Just a friendly reminder that a lot of nations cannot afford to be under lockdown and that extended lockdowns are causing a lot of economic issues. I am not saying people should be traveling unnecessarily right now or the ones that are traveling are doing so with the intention of helping struggling nations, but maybe we shouldn't be feeling so satisfied with ourselves for staying under lockdowns for so long. I hope they can speed up vaccinating everyone.

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