Is there anyone in BN following COVID-19 regulations?

Then what would you do? Not accepting science and following guidelines around wearing masks, quarantining and isolating is definitely wrong. But adhering to this idea that you need to be cooped up inside your house and not do anything is also not the answer. It clearly doesn't work as a strategy because most people will not follow this. And sadly we live in an interdependent society. The best way now to overcome this is to get people in developed world vaccinated. Like you yourself said that you almost have the virus under control locally, wouldn't you rather have tourists from developed countries come visit after they are vaccinated since they can't seem to adhere to guidelines? Also, state guidelines in the US are vastly different. Many people are actually following whatever their state is telling them but the states basically don't have any harsh guidelines to begin with. I am asking people to look at it from a more practical perspective. Staying inside might be doable for you but it's not a feasibility for a lot of people. I live in the US but have been in India since September last year because my mom passed away (I chose to be here with my dad). Things in the capital here have been more or less normal for a few months. For whatever reason, covid seems to have dwindled down, at least locally. From India's perspective, they made a failed attempt at a lockdown and many people suffered miserably because of it. It's not possible for the country to go under lockdown. But there has been a lot of stress given to masking up (people were fined on the roads, it's become lax now) and now on getting people vaccinated. So speaking from personal experience of being in the US and India both during the pandemic, I think the privileged people like me, actually were more scared of getting infected in India and therefore stayed indoors more. But in the US, I felt less scared I guess, because I could go out and stay socially distanced, which is just not a possibility in India. I think people respected some version of science (be it western or whatever Indian media was talking about with respect to Ayurveda or whatever) and took measures to protect themselves in India. However, that seems to be missing in a large majority of the US population. We need better solutions than just stay indoors. It has not worked and will probably continue to not work.

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