Is there anything Americans can do when most all of their politicians are corrupt?

The mechanism is set up - if they violate the law, then law enforcement can get them

If your elected official is corrupt, then report your evidence to law enforcement.

What do we do about Epstein?

Look at what happened with Epstein. So many politicians and powerful people were involved and had ties to Epstein that made them not look good; everyone from Bill Clinton, to Donald Trump, and even Prince Andrews... just to name a few.

Epstein was initially arrested in 2005 for having sexually relations with other 50+ underage girls. That should of been 50 counts of sexual assualt on a minor, which would of been more than a life sentence. Instead Epstein's charges were reduced to ONE ACCOUNT OF SOLICITING A PROSTITUTE. Why did the court system label these underage girls as prostitutes, when they were trafficked by him and Ghislaine Maxwell. That is just a slap in the face to all of the young women who were abused.

And if you look at any of the autopsy photos of "Epstein" its not him. EPSTEIN ISNT DEAD! If you look at this picture you can clearly see the ears are a completely different shape. Many studies have shown that the shape of an ear is equally if not more distinguishable than a persons fingerprint, (sources linked here and here and here).

If you think my remarks are outlandish, look at this statement from the Medical examiner who overlooked the body which the government would like you to believe as Epstein's body. THEY NEVER DID A DNA TEST ON "EPSTEIN".

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