Is there anything missing from my stream that would encourage people to donate more often?

Hey there! Thanks for reading my whole post, I really appreciate it. I would like to clarify some points up for you just because I think you may have misinterpreted some of my condition due to lack of information (and I don't blame you, I didn't provide much!)

  • In no way do I get behind a computer right upon waking up in a literal sense. I only allow myself to stream in the evening. I usually take care of my foster animals, self-study a topic that interests me such as a language or a legal topic or a new recipe, and I only stream from 6PM onwards.

  • I used to be a total gym rat when I was healthy. I was spending 2 hours a day at the gym 4-5 days a week. I loved free weights, stop the stigma that girls bulk up if they lift! ;) I have asthma and it never stopped me, I even used to climb up mountains and inactive volcanoes despite the fact the thinner air took a toll on me. My physical disability isn't paralysis, sadly. It's quite the opposite, I am in incredible untreatable pain all the time. It's not life threatening, just horrible to endure. My confidence and ability to socialise has deflated significantly, I still do my best though.

  • It was not my choice to move or not. My landlord decided she wanted to turn my apartment into an Air B&B suite because I lived in a very appealing part of the city for tourists, and it took us a while to find a new home.

  • I don't rely on donations to buy junk food. My partner supports us because he understands my doctors orders and my condition. He also supports my ability to stream, I started knowing it's not a good source of financial stability by any means, I never relied on it for that. I simply like having a little treat sometimes if people like my stream, because I try hard to eat healthy. I am considering returning to vegetarianism if I can convince my other half there's enough things for him to eat if he gives up meat. Due to this financial blow we've taken from this loophole, we will be very tight on money which kills me as a very structured and anxious person.

  • It's very hard to simply not do anything when we're in such a tight spot, but thank you for reassuring me that I shouldn't be pushing myself against my doctors orders.

To explain how my financial aid was lost further: My partner and I receive a small portion of financial help with our rent. My partner is in law school and works part time. He is taking a bit of a "gap year" to repeat a module he wanted to do better in, so he doesn't qualify for a student loan this year which was a significant chunk of our income. However he is still considered a student, so the government has some sort of legislation in place that in the event a student doesn't take a loan out for whatever reason, the highest loan is assumed in the calculation of financial aid (since it's based on income) therefore we no longer qualify based on the fact they are now assuming he has the highest amount of student loan, when in fact he has £0.

We are trying to sort it out, believe me! There's not much else I can do to focus on my IRL situation since it's so out of my hands. I hope I cleared a few things up and maybe made myself seem more genuine. Haha!

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