There are 2 types of parents when it comes to elementary school age children

I get excited. I absolutely love spending time with my child. I get that some parents dread this but my child doesn’t act like theirs.... and that’s the big difference. I feel lucky to have a kid that I enjoy being around so much. When she doesn’t have school we get to sleep in a little and I also take a few days where we hang at home and don’t drive. We play video games together and watch a few movies (we don’t have time in our schedule for much tv during the school year), and I get to work on things like continued education (I also do part time homeschooling)/skating/hiking/bike riding l/proper etiquette in the grocery store (she pushes the cart and helps get items) etc with her. She is also a kindergartener. The break ended too quickly IMO but when it was time for her to head back I was a bit relieved that I could go on my own for a few hours. If I’m being honest... I’m going to miss her to pieces when she starts full day 1st grade. I’m sure after the summer though I’ll be looking forward to a break. I’ve never felt like crying because my kid has vacation. I’m sorry you feel that way or any parent feels that way. Maybe seek out help from relatives to give you additional breaks. I wish I had that option but my relatives live far away and a few and my in laws are constantly busy so we haven’t had a formal date night in over a year. We take date days while she is at school and she goes to bed at 8p so we get 8p-12a (4hr window) every day for private time together so there is that. Maybe see how you can make your personal time more quality? I know it sounds like a lie but I truly love spending time with my 6 year old.

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