There are huge chances we are simulations

Or we just currently have an incomplete model of quantum mechanics.

This is what I think is the case. I think that if you want to argue in favor of the universe being a simulation and you invoke quantum physics, you're better off getting into the quantum eraser experiment than just saying "quanta violate the laws of physics." We can't use classical Newtonian physics to explain quantum phenomena, but that's okay.

The real questions that I have with regard to quantum physics' relationship with the nature of reality are: Do quanta have access to the fourth dimension in a way that conscious beings don't? Do they "dwell" there, in a sense, enabling them to move freely through time just as three-dimensional agents can move freely through a three-dimensional room? Does the fourth dimension, or any of the other dimensions proposed by string theory, have access to a reality "outside" of our three-dimensional framework that acts as an "operating system" or user interface for the universe? A game designer can shut down a game, modify some code, save the source code, then run the executable again, and an NPC within the code would have no idea that there had been a change.

There's also the issue of client-side evaluation, where a client makes an educated guess regarding an object's location before receiving the information from the server to minimize latency. This process is not perfect, so occasionally with online games, you'll see something "out of place" that gets corrected a few frames later when the information becomes available from the server. The universe is going to be much better at getting it right, but the quantum eraser experiment has shown that we can sometimes still "trick" quanta, which is definitely spooky, if nothing else.

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