There are a lot of foods I'll never order at a restaurant because I can make them better at home. What are some foods you'll ONLY get at a restaurant because they're too hard / just not worth it to make them at home?

There was a tradition that started at my job four years ago to meet on Christmas Day for dim sum. Almost none of us still work there, but we still meet. The numbers have fluctuated every year, but there's always at least one full table (10 or so). I love how we get to try 15-20 things because there are enough people to eat all of that food - they just keep pushing the carts around and offering stuff. The thing I'm always the most excited about is this unusual dish that looks like a haystack - it's mashed taro wrapped around a filling of ground meat, and deep fried to get a haystack-like crispy texture on the outside. It's so weird, most people give it a pass but I love it so much.

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