There are ways to protest without being so inconsiderate to the poor guy who has to clean shit off all these trees

Biodegradable confetti isn’t “trashing the campus”, and most people on this thread are not complaining about that; many people are mad they blocked the street at all.

Again, you cannot protest on the sidelines. You have to be loud and obvious to draw attention to your cause. If you protest on an abandoned street in the middle of nowhere, it’s not really a protest.

Civil rights activists definitely went to the suburbs. Oprah marched in Forsyth County in GA in the late 80s.

Yes I live in a great neighborhood, and have been surrounded by upper-class white people since I was in HS. The “protesting-is-good-as-long-as-your-invisible” mentality is not entirely uncommon. I personally don’t understand.

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