Is there a bot that can track a user regardless of them being in a server?

He looked my username up through some site (I can’t remember the name) and it brought up information about me from websites and database leaks. He also looked my username up on google and has found most of my social media accounts.

Someone I know has him added on some hacking forum, and apparently he posted on that he would like to pay someone to dox me. He really wants to get my address.

The last time I talked to him I was trying to make peace, but he was screen sharing his computer and showing me that he was getting my friends address through Snapchat. Not even grabbing his IP or anything. Really crazy stuff.

From the screenshot from Snapchat he knew it was the 6th house on the street, so he went on google maps and found his exact address. I denied any guess he made, but he counted each house until he found the exact house. After that, I blocked him on discord and have now blocked him on everything I can.

He still calls me everyday from textnow and a free online calling website that cannot be traced.

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