"There is evidence, you just don't believe it" - Why is it that believers in a god will accept such a low standard of "evidence" compared to a high standard that science for example adheres to.

I am sorry, and I don't mean disrespect but I am having a bit of a hard time understanding you.

It doesn't mean it isn't true unless a specific piece of evidence has to be there.

Double Negatives, I will it means "It(The lack of Evidence) does mean it is true unless a specific piece of evidence has to be there.". What are you trying to say?

funny enough the Christian god is supposed to answer prayers, and we have nothing to indicate that prayers work, so we actually do have missing evidence that we would expect to have if he was real. Not quite a defeater, but a significant underminer nonetheless.

Did you bother to read my post? Which states the lack of evidence that does not disprove(or proves) his existence?Also you are telling me there was a research(with a significant amount of Christians ) that proved that their prayers were Never answered through out their life time?

Something, something, teapot orbiting the Sun. ? Also not that many atheists are actually making knowledge claims about the existence of a god.

and Yet there are some.This is a sentence that means nothing.

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