Why is there a limit of 32 ETH on a single validator?

I very sincerely want to learn, and I learned and understood the rational and i do sincerely not believe it is a smart choice, because it is not solving the core problem. If my understanding of the way ETH 2.0 is going to eventualy work is wrong please do correct me. I am not here to argue with anyone, as i will not benefit from that nor i want to wast your or my time. I thought that limiting a validator to 32 ETH is not a good idea and now i learned that it is really not based on good reasoning as the same risk is still there, whether an bad actor is hiding inside one big validator or he\she is hiding in 1000 separate validators. Bad actors are like cancer cells, you would rather identify one bad actor with 32K ETH and slash him out of funds than spreading it over 1000 validators which will make it much more difficult to identify and the penalty they will suffer from is way less. Don't you think so? is there something really wrong in my rational?

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