Is There a List of Dolphin Games That Run at 60 FPS? (Long Post)

First you need to understand the intrinsic difference between a remastered game (effectively a port), and an emulation (where no code is changed).

In a remaster, work is put in first to allow the game to run on the new hardware, and secondly to improve the graphics/gameplay/story. In an emulation, nothing is changed whatsover, the game, as far as it's concerned, is running on its original hardware. Note that a few numbers in a Gecko code isn't gonna widely influence how the game works.

Secondly, you have understand that a lot of console games (moreso in the past) have their animation locked to the framerate (usually 30 fps) - this means the game would look sped up if it ran at 60 fps. (Though, through a hell of a load of hard work, it is possible to patch the game to work at higher framerates - but by no means expect any locked game to be fixed like this)

Games with 60 fps cheat codes simply remove the 30 fps limit which was due to performance constraints on the original platform - though they run fine at 60 fps because nothing in these games is attached to the framerate.

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