Why is there so much sexism and patriarchal BS in Hindu text

Most of the great Greek philosophers and thinkers condoned the inferior status of women, slavery, and pederasty. Aristotle asked Alexander to show no mercy to the Persians as they are humans of a lower kind, as opposed to Greeks, whom he felt should be treated gently. Even such an evolved philosopher as Kant thought that only Europeans were uniquely suited to sophisticated and rational philosophical thinking, and other races were being incapable of this.

It's difficult to separate out the truly essential and timeless insights of a philosopher from the other "stuff" that comes along with these insights due to the fact that philosophers are fallible humans who are located in a specific era and society. Even today you will find many accomplished scientists who hold racist and sexist views. But that doesn't diminish the value of their insights in their domains.

A fruitful way to deal with Hinduism is to be aware of the fact that the revelations that has come down to us, have come to us through the mediation of humans. For example, there are places in the vedas that ask for more sons, cows, horses, and servants. A rishi today might have prayed for the value of his patron's financial assets to go up. Things like these have to be compensated for when arriving at the useful essence of the scripture. To do so is only commonsense.

This raises the question, how do we know what to accept and what to discard? That is a very tricky question. A few things you could do is to use your own thinking skills, work on developing your spiritual intuition by doing sAdhana, ask your guru whom you have faith in, or ask your fellow travelers in the journey (as you are doing now!).

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