Arnold was hanging out inside his house in Hillwood with Gerald and watching Pop Daddy, their favorite TV show. During that time Rhonda had started a girls' hangout with all the non geek girls and surprisingly, Phoebe and Helga were invited, Rhonda and Nadine who had brought cigarettes and a DMX CD to the party turned up the volume on the stereo and blasted Ruff Ryders Anthem. Helga who was just getting to the party saw Phoebe watching a sports game on the couch, smoking, and bumping to the clean version of X Gon' Give it to Ya. Helga was confused to see health concious Phoebe doing this, but instantly Helga started dancing and shaking to DMX and she jumped when the curse words in the song were edited out with "WHAT" whenever the word 'what' played, Helga jumped and smiled, at the time she still had the unibrow and pink dress, and the trademark HelgaHair. Nadine mocked Helga and yelled at her to get a cigarette which Helga refused at first, but when Phoebe stuck one in her mouth, she had no choice to try it, at first, Helga was disgusted, she threw the cigarette into her other hand, shook her fist and said, "ARE ALL OF YOU SMOKING THIS BROOKLYN BULL, IF YOU WANT AN ADDICTION, WATCH MTV FOR SONIC THE HEDGEHOG'S SAKE!!!!!!!!" Phoebe said, it's rather good, and then she blew smoke in Helga's face, but Helga had the urge to have another cigarette, and she did, she liked it, but wasn't addicted. The next day Helga was sitting on the stoop by Arnold's house, there was no sign of him, so she lit a cigarette and almost started smoking, Arnold saw Helga and came out the door and ripped the cigarette out of her mouth, causing her to scream, Helga said, "Arnold don't sneak up on me like that!" Arnold said, "don't smoke, Helga" Helga rolled her eyes. On the next day, Helga was on the bus, she lit another cigarette and placed it in her mouth, Arnold saw her and put out the cigarette giving her the same response, this same thing occured multiple times. One day, Arnold caught Helga smoking again, she had taught Lila how to smoke too, and Lila used an Audrey Hepburn-esque holder, while Helga just smoked, kicking 5 cigarette butts away, Arnold saw them and snapped Lila's holder and grabbed Helga while yelling, "Y'ALL GON MAKE ME LOSE MY MIND UP IN HERE, UP IN HERE, Y'ALL GON MAKE ME GO ALL OUT UP IN HERE, Y'ALL GON MAKE ME ACT A FOOL UP IN HERE, UP IN HERE, Y'ALL GON MAKE ME LOSE MY COOL UP IN HERE!" Helga said, "what are you so mad about" Arnold yelled, "HELGA QUIT SMOKING BEFORE I..." Helga interrupted and said, "before you what?" Arnold yelled, "Before I, Stop, DROP, SHUT 'EM DOWN OPEN UP SHOP, OH, NO, THAT'S HOW NONSMOKERS ROLL," Helga dragged on her cigarette causing Arnold to say, "did you not get the picture! SNITCHES WANNA TRY, SNITCHES WANNA LIE, SNITCHES WANNA LIE, HELGAS WANNA CRY, ALL I KNOW IS PAIN, ALL I FEEL IS RAIN, I CANNOT MAINTAIN WITH MADNESS ON MY BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Helga lit another cigarette and dragged on it as Lila said, "these cigarettes are ever so good." Arnold told Helga to quit smoking and she did just then, she hadn't even smoked a 10 when Arnold told her to, and the moral of the story, DONT SMOKE KIDS, YOU'LL GET SICK, (OR DMX WILL BLARE IN YOUR HEAD AT MAX VOLUME FOREVER)

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