Why is there nothing dedicated to the ‘Hominy Indians’, an all Native American Football Team, who was never beaten or tied.

The worst I’ve seen was him repeating the myth that “Warren Moon went undrafted because he was a black quarterback.”

In Moon’s own autobiography he says that his agent (the legendary Leigh Steinberg) had already talked to the Rams and Chiefs and both teams wanted to draft him as a quarterback somewhere in rounds 3-5.

Moon didn’t want to be a mid-round pick and signed with the CFL six weeks prior to the NFL draft. (The same draft where Doug Williams went in the first round.)

Moon was never going to go “undrafted because he was black” and he even says at the end of that chapter that not being picked by an NFL team was the best financial thing that ever happened to him because it meant that multiple teams had to bid for him when he came to the league rather than having a single team own his rights.

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