There is nothing in our education system against rape and harassment

There is nothing Indian education actively discussed social problems in India. Even about caste system.

My kids are born and raised in USA. Here is what opened my eyes . The Caucasian teacher was discussing about slavery in their 2nd grade. It was more subtle, like , how there were separate schools, public restrooms, restaurants for Blacks . Then as they grew up into their high school , they read about Civil Wars, lynching kind of stuff. When Obama became president, their social teacher has asked the class if anyone thinks that Black president is not fit to be in position. There were one or two kids who expressed their concerns. Kids were not laughed ,scolded , but understood they were talking their parent's mind. They had a debate on it in class. The key is Education. Note that the teacher is also a White.

They read books all through their school, including the latest Trevor Noah's book Born In Crime.

My daughter said that it was sometimes inconvenient in class, esp when they have black kid with them. But , yet they read it.

I think we are not even closer to any such sort of education in our schools. Both sides of castes hate each other . If such deeper studies ever happen in USA, we will have riots. That is the situation. We are just always yelling ,emotional everywhere.

We can't even make a movie about of our terrible caste system, without burning down theaters.

I think sex education in schools is now introduced, but , god, I wonder if there ever comes a day where I can watch Reader like Oscar movies with good chunk of sexual scenes without feeling threatened . ,

And mental illness? The other day, my daughter's Physics teacher in class introduced himself on the first day and stated that he was in Autism Spectrum Disorder. One of the student called him retard, and then he went quitely to him and told him that he was " Yes, I am retard, But yet I am still successful and had double Ph.d In Quantum Physics and Bio-chem. And that he loves teaching and the student would be expelled if he uses R word in class again.

How and when we reach to this kind of matured mindset in our schools when we are all focusing on stupid testing all the time ?

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