Is there a point in tuning an automatic wrx?

Lame that you're getting downvotes for what is generally the truth. The "CAI" on my civic takes hot air from the engine bay and certainly didn't improve the power output. I wouldn't even have gotten the stupid POS if I could find a stock air box to replace my old broken one with. The stock intakes on my Subarus definitely get more cold air to the engine than 90% of the aftermarket shit that's available.

If the pipe is ran to an actual cold air source and provides better velocity via the shape of the thing, then it could possibly be an improvement. Otherwise it's just a cheap looking chrome pipe that sucks in hot air and makes your intake sound slightly cooler. Even if you do get one that actually pulls in cold air, you aren't gonna gain shit in a modern car if you don't get a tune to take advantage of the increased airflow.

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