There is a ridiculous amount of virtue signaling towards what happens in the "Middle East", which is entirely hipocritical considering what goes on in America

OP is 100% correct.

and people DO flee the US because of the violence and insanity, but the news just doesn't report it. and that's easy to understand why. Movies and music make america look like the garden spot of the country, it's the greatest propaganda machine we have.

but western Europe is wiser than that. they see the forest through the trees. they know they got it better. and even Asia is catching on they have it better. the rest of the world refuses to fight for what they believe should be how their country is and those that do. Places in the middle east, for example, are painted as fanatics and lunatics. but they are fighting just like America did in the 17 and 1800s here.

we kill each other every day. why? because we hate each other. but the media spins it to be 'a lone lunatic' and the public in denial buys it because it is comforting to know that these are nut cases, not that there is a problem in this country with all the hate.

look no further than reddit for a haven of hate.

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