There’s buzz that Browns could soon be making a “big name hire” for offensive coordinator. Some are keeping an eye on Gary Kubiak.

Kubiak’s offense is predicated on an elite QB. He favors WRs, so TEs get a raw deal. The run, for Kubiak, exists only to setup the pass. If it’s Kubiak, it will be to develop Baker into an all-timer, full stop. Kubiak hasn’t had an elite QB to run his play-action, rollout-based pass-heavy offense since his pre-“ghost of Manning” years. This is a man that coached Steve Young, Peyton Manning, and John Elway; he knows QB talent.

If I were to guess, (big assumption that it’s even Kubiak), I’d venture that he’d be a glorified QB coach in a way, running Freddie’s offense, but instilling in Baker anything he could. I think that if Kubiak comes here, it would be to flesh out Kitchens’ vision, otherwise, he wouldn’t agree to come here.

PS: Elite old-school coaches have been getting boners for Baker for the last few years. It’s an epidemic. Kubiak seems like he’d be one of them.

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