There‘s a concerning amount of people who are very willing to hurt women in this posts comment section

Hey dude! If you weren't expecting this message and don't want to reply that's fine, but if you're willing to, that would be pretty awesome!

First of let me say that I'm a feminist and not messaging you to argue or anything. I also have a girlfriend, and am also a guy, so with all your lez-be-ing, I hope it's clear I'm not here to hit on you.

I saw your comment that said this:

"This is what I need ppl to realize. Enough with the #notallmen bullshit. Men hate women. Period."

And genuinely had a good intentioned question.

First off, I 100% agree that #notallmen is just incels wanting an excuse to hate women, but it genuinely makes me sad that there ARE men that do this shit, and that it's the vast VAST majority of men who do it as well, yet it's somehow normalized. I guess what I'm asking is when you say "men hate women" do you mean that fundamentally, and if so are you saying that that can never change? I don't know what it's like to walk in a girls shoes, but I've tried placing myself in them, and it seems absolutely terrifying, and it's not something I want anyone to have to go through.

The reason I write this message is to ask, what can one do to stop men from hating women, fundamentally or not. I already do the basic shit like calling out sexism whenever I hear it going on, but I wanna know if you have any experience in how I can help convince others people to help call out sexism as well, as well as how I can become better at simply eloquating how pointless and stupid sexism truly is. I used to think it was okay to be sexist, but ever since I realized I was being this way, and started trying to make a change in myself, I noticed how much happier and more amazing my life became after realizing that women were people. Literally the amount of people I could be social to in life doubled, and I feel like if people could realizing that people being sexist hurts themselves as well, it could help a lot in making them more tolerant.

I'm hoping you didn't mind me writing this to you, but if you did, I'm sorry.

I hope you have a wonderful unit of time of your choosing!!!

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