There’s a Word for What Trumpism Is Becoming - Article by David Frum

What the GOP and Trumpers seem to be becoming is a lot closer to a messianic political cult than anything else.

Cult of personality around a messianic "bring back the days of our heroes" message is a common theme in fascist regimes. It's weird how you claim some sort of knowledge on the topic beyond literal political scientists and then miss something so basic.

They want Trump to come back (and among the Q-types he is coming back as the rightful president of the United States) and restore the country. Trump is their conquering hero who will make the liberals pay.

Made up grievances that requires a hero to fix is another fascist theme.

It doesn't help people trying to have a productive conversation when all the terms used have entered the lexicon as "boo! Thing I don't like that's bad!"

You know what does help? Studying academic topics before debating them.

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