Is there a smart watch that actually looks good?

The Pebble Steel I posted is monochrome. The Pebble Time Steel I posted is a color watch.

But not available yet, or even in May potentially given the nature of pre-ordering. And by "color" you still mean color e-ink, so you get refreshed updates without smooth motion, fluid animations, or any real color gamut.

Charging overnight eliminates the ability to use your watch for sleep tracking and smart alarms which is awesome.

As far as I know, the watches remain on while charging, and the moto 360 even becomes a desk clock. Sleep tracking is pseudo-science anyway, even if it weren't, as studies may show, A watch isn't well tailored to track this anyway. You could be moving restlessly without moving your arms.

Charging overnight eliminates the ability to snooze/dismiss your alarm on watch and phone, with gestures, which is also awesome

Not if the watch is on, charging as a desk-clock, or on your bedside table. The watches retain their function. If by gestures, you mean movement based, that ridiculous, it is not awesome to flail your arms around in bed because you got a text.

Charging things every day sucks. We only tolerate it with smartphones because most phones can't last more than a day

So why not tolerate it with watches, you plug it in, is this a huge ordeal for the cool/useful devices ?

Charging a battery daily has a huge impact on that batteries lifespan, vs charging once a week.

Batteries are rated for like a thousand charge cycles, a one per night that's 3 years within rated spec.

those "real screens" aren't daylight viewable - they must ramp their backlight up to full to have a chance of being seen out doors, thus killing the battery, if you can even see them at all

Easily daylight viewable, they flip up to full brightness in like an instant, and track your wrist movements to know when, and fairly reliably at that. They still last like a day and half maybe 2 with heavy usage. Again, easily viewable in any conditions.

"real screens"

Realer than the e-ink display on a pebble, in that they can animate, and display full color rather than whatever the pebble is capable of.

such screens leave their backlight on all the time if they are always on, calling unnecessary, distracting attention to the watch when indoors etc

No, I mean you can set the screen to stay on, yes, but the other stuff I feel is just made up by you as point here to be honest.

Other screens aren't always on, and must be woke in order to be viewed, defeating the point of a watch

They turn on in literally no time at all, intelligently reacting to your wrist motion, and this would contradict your last point of "always on" anyway.

Pebble has by far the largest collection of watchfaces and apps, with over 6k and growing daily

When I said real apps, I mean android smartphone apps, with real software integration into android. Many of the apps extend or work with the phone versions. The pebble apps are merely mirrors for notifications. Let's be real, how many of this 6500 are calendars and alarm apps anyway haha ? How can the pebble hope to have any real apps with the processor it has, it's just not designed to do more than refresh a black and white display with notifications.

You can get an original Pebble for as cheap as $79

But you posted the steel, and time, which are $200, and $250, hardly a far cry from $225 if we are being honest and not cherry picking right ? If you are bringing up the original at $79, thats yet another step closer to the plasticky garbage OP didn't want.

obnoxiously bright indoors, and terrible out doors, not water "proof"

Many brightness settings on any android wear watch for indoors and out, and this again seems like a bit of a stretch to someone trying to make a reasonable argument here. I agree with the black bar being annoying but hey, that's the tech they went with. IN terms of water proofing, I imagine that the two watches are actually the same. The 5atm vs IP67 on moto360 is a bit confusing because they are different metrics. Basically these watches are safe to wear in the water, but not dive.

It's battery struggles to make it a full day

Moto360 gets 2 days, Gwatch even more, SW3, even more still.

It is fragile with many users cracking the watch case on it

Most users, really ? Come on, at least try to be a reasonable in your arguments.

A lot of this is way way way biased against android wear devices, highlighting faults, and not mentioning the advantages. At the same time you put the B/W display of the pebble on a pedestal and claim it has more apps ? I'm sorry if you were insulted that I suggested your watch of choice wasn't the best decision. It was just my opinion of course. No need to spout this misinformation. This will just confuse others who may be making their. own choices and looking to get well informed.

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