Is there a sub for trading/collecting sbux cards?

Anybody interested in trading cards, please consider the following non-binding.

This offer is limited to the fifty United States where USPS "Forever" postage stamps are valid.

This offer is valid only during the month of January 2015, so that we (you and I) may gauge what level of card-trafficking ensues. (We do not want to be swamped with too many orders, in excess of our ability to fill the orders.)

If you send me an ordinary Starbucks gift card loaded with at least five U.S. dollars to support my Starbucks addiction habit (plus at least one paper U.S. dollar for the tip jar), I will endeavor to send you TWO Seattle-origin Starbucks gift cards (Space Needle; Reserve Roastery) but with no money on them (because I spent it on Starbucks coffee and the New York Times :-) and therefore I have dozens of Seattle-origin cards lying around.

If you are interested, please state so in a comment here and await my go-ahead to send your card plus the gratuity for the tip jar.

If you wish, you may wrap or enfold the card inside ONLY ONE sheet of enveloping paper, such as a photocopy of highlights from your own Starbucks gift card collection. On the back of said photograph or photocopy of your very best and most collectible gift cards, at your sole discretion you may write a personal note about yourself and what you have done to make the world a better place. (You may write in English; German; Russian; or ancient Latin.)

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to include any obscene language or Where-is-George tip dollars. Violation of these MOCKBA RULES may result in calling off the for-you-potentially-very-lucrative deal.

It is all good fun and enjoyable pastime for us to be trading baseball Starbucks cards back and forth, but please consider the lilies of the field why this card-swap could be lucrative for thee and thine.

It is my intention (but not my obligation) to send you not only the Seattle Space Needle card and the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room card, but also a collectible envelope franked (that's "stamped" for you U.S. Army drill sergeants and other people I resent) with a historic and mucho-collectibo Seattle-origin Jimi Hendrix "Forever" stamp, and with the long-shot Internet-famous IRL name of Mentifex hand-written on the delivery envelope, so that you or your heirs may offer the Net-famous autograph for sale on e-Bay.

Of course, this offer is obviously a one-sided deal. I only collect Seattle-area cards, and I am asking you to support my habit as a coffee-drunk and a boulevardier hobnobbing with my fellow perpetual students in attendance at the Starbucks bachelor party held every weekday at 10:00 a.m. in Starbucks Store #7941. During the Year of the Horse (2014) I gave away dozens of Starbucks gift cards pre-loaded with five U.S. dollars, and now my finances are depleted. To keep me in coffee, and to possibly/hopefully receive back one-each Space Needle card and Reserve Roastery card, please send your ordinary card with a 5.00-minimum load alongside at least one George Washington for the tip jar to:

Arthur Theodore

Starbucks Card Collector

4555 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

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