Why is there such a huge disconnect between /r/blackladies and /r/blackfellas

I can give some examples.

Rose McGowan's tirade against gay men, who have been some of the strongest male supporters of feminism, that includes a homophobic passage.

Patricia Arquette, backstage at a ceremony that has been criticized for being too white, supporting an industry where many LGBT members still have to hide their sexuality, said:

“And it's time for all the women in America and all the men that love women, and all the gay people, and all the people of color that we've all fought for to fight for us now.”

One of the women who coined #solidarityisforwhitewomen wrote this great piece on it, but you can also read some of the posts from a moderator on black ladies where they were downvoted into oblivion explaining why the comments were wrong.

It's a black man talking about a black experience that has lead to the deaths of black men, and white feminists making it out themselves.

... Multiple times.

These are from the older waves of feminism when it was obvious that it was for upperclass white women, they're things happening in modern, thirdwave feminism, which is suppose to be past all this.

If black women are aware of these things and trying to talk to white feminists about them all the time, imagine being a black male aware of all these things and then seeing a young, upperclass white woman jokingly saying #killallmen. How can I call this anything else but "white feminism"?

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