Is there such thing as too much ramp?

Oh certainly, just start by imaginining the extreme scenario, where you have like 38 lands, 50 ramp spells, your commander and 10 eldrazi. Sometimes that deck is great, you just ramp out an eldrazi on turn 4, then play another one the next turn etc. But it's super inconsistent. The more ramp you have, the more likely you are to end up empty handed for three reasons.

1: Ramp is card disadvantage, or at the very least "spell disadvantage".

2: You have the mana to empty your hand faster.

3: Ramp spells are not action, so more ramp spells in the deck lowers the chance of drawing action.

So generally the rule is that when adding more and more ramp, you have to add enough carddraw to keep up with it. Now, your commander can help with this ofc, it's hard to have too much ramp in Tatyova, but just remember that you need some action as well.

I like to think of it like this:

My goal is to have as much / good action as possible. To achieve this I need more mana than just playing a land for turn. I want ramp to get speed, to get stronger / faster action. Because I have ramp, that is not action, I also need carddraw to find my action / my ramp if I draw it in the wrong order. However carddraw is also not action, so I need to make sure that I don't have so much ramp+carddraw that I don't have enough action (the simic problem). If my action cards are cheap, I get away with less ramp, and less carddraw, if my action is more expensive I need more of both (I get more power, less consistency and less speed).

(action can be anything here, from removal, to carnage tyrants to two card combos, depends on the deck)

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