Is there a term for the same word with two meanings? For a long time, I thought this was homonym, but apparently not.

This is a homonym.

And this is a homophone.

English speakers use these words to refer to two different things. Ask any English-speaking student what the difference is between a homophone and a homonym, and they will gladly tell you. As such, they are different, unique terms.

I appreciate that you want to be right, but please use legitimate, verified sources. Encyclopedias have never been considered a legitimate primary source for any sort of information. This is doubly true for sites such as Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica. In fact, the Wikipedia page you linked to for heteronyms literally states right up top that it cites no sources or any references at all.

I would like to redirect your attempted vilification of me to you: please, pull some sources (read: primary, legitimate, verified sources) before posting something on a subreddit dedicated to learning English. You have a few dozen people thinking homophone and homonym are homonyms when they are very clearly not and have never been commonly used as such.

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