Is there a way to disable the whole insanity mechanic?

In Frost I am straight up psychopath murdering anything humanoid shaped hoping it'll drop ammo or an upgrade. Hundreds of people.

The data I've seen suggests that many psychopaths wouldn't suffer from those actions whatsoever. I'd actually love a way to disable the insanity mechanic as a pure-psychopath run.

Anecdotally, I've met two psychopaths in my life. One was my age and liked to torture animals in some pretty brutal ways. His parents had him institutionalized when he was 14 because he had...killed the family's rescue dog. I knew his best friend (not a psycho) who told me that the psychopath kid always said he was, "helping to free the animals" that he killed. The other is much younger than I am and did the same sort of thing. I don't know how his life turned out because my family moved away from that place after six months, but he was almost as bad as the first kid from what his parents brother told me.

@OP, there may a way to change it. Open F04Edit and try to change the maximum value of the assanity variable to 10000. If it's a dynamic/scripted variable, this won't work, but a static variable (which I think is required for the engine) will work fine.

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