Is there a way to kindly tell me mom[51F] to stop bringing up me[26F] losing weight for my wedding?

It may also help to purposely “misinterpret” any of her comments about weight loss to really mean, “working on your health/ getting healthy mentally and physically.” So If she says something like “careful what you eat” you can respond with “thanks for your concern. I’m really trying to focus on health prior to the wedding. I’ve been working on my sleep hygiene and noticing that if I turn off my cell phone an hour before bed I get better sleep/ if use a face mask once per week my skin looks more hydrated/ if I drink more water at work I have more energy (or whatever else you are working on that isn’t weight specific)” and just change the subject that way. If she keeps it up, match her unsolicited advice with your own. So, “that’s a great tip for dieting mom. Let me tell you about what I recently learned in regards to hair growth. You should really try X,Y and Z.” If she seems confused or offended, that’s when you have an in to point out your own concerns with her unsolicited advice. So, “sorry mom. I didn’t mean to upset you. I forget for a second that no one wants to hear unsolicited advice all about how they should change their appearance.”

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