Is there a website for toring indefinitely?

One where you arent considered "homeless" and looked down on because of economic status and can discuss those things freely and how to survive and get around touring, but one that doesn't have vagabond "I don't give a fuck about anything or anyone" mentality you find there.

I think there is a bigger community of decent people touring full time, but flies under the radar amongst seasoned credit card tour folks that look down on people that dont live like them in community

I don't know how to explain it.

I am not looking for "community" as much as a place that you can ask questions about how to live and tour full time without learning on others or community for it.

Most of the forums out there are heavily dependent on social or economic status, versus being there for truly biking needs.

I want a place I can go and communicate without getting kicked off because I don't agree with them or kiss the proppet ass at forums Crazy Guy on a Bike and forums like that. Unless you walk in kissing ass and bowing to people or products, you won't make it and cant get help on topics because I won't accommodate the norms or my needs aren't the same.

So I am looking for a place its OK to be poor on a fixed income, still be a good guy, still be able to Express freedom of speech, be honest, and not have to worry about getting kicked off a site the night before leaving for a tour because some douchebag and his social status is more important than the actual topic of touring.

Doubt that makes sense to anyone though.

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