Do you think there's any truth to the whole "millenials = lazy/entitled" generational stereotype? Why or why not?

I'm a millennial born in the mid 80's and I agree. The generations are becoming more weaker because of technology and political stability. Instead of MTV and Disney movies we are now hooked on and spoon fed the video game characters and Internet surfing that everyone can live their dreams and that dreams can come true with inspirational quotes. Because of the economical and technological advancement and the political push for humanism - we are born into this world with a more lavish standard of living than the previous generations combined.

One of the basis things for mental development and human character goes in hand with hardships - but since we can stay at home and play video games all day in a warm comforted building and order all the stuff home for delivery and not face the real world of life - we become weak and lazy.

So yeah in a sense we are becoming a more loss cause for hardships, character development and strength we also become less violent and prone to live out our lives in the confined space of our own homes.

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