I think there's something wrong with my France...

To give you the cliff notes of what I said (Tried using Internet Wayback machine but no URL)

1.) I Made a (Depending on how serious you take this sub and your own humor) Joke which likened Muslims in CK2 to Forests, I said in the OP that if Muslims are left unchecked they grow beyond their borders, and are rife with Muslims which are akin to forest animals, Then made a comparison that god brings down forest fires on unfaithful heretics, and so in turn good Christians should do the same here; Basically a roundabout DEUS VULT meme.

2.) When he responded with the above I tried to reiterate this was a joke and I really meant no offence by it, and I told him to not be triggered by something on the internet.

3.) He then essentially insinuated I was a bigot, you can see above clearly, To which I responded asking what he meant by "You People" and further reiterated that this was the CK2 sub a place where lets face it, very fucked up shit is said on the regular, I gave 5 examples of such. Including :

*The Casual Posts of Genocide against the Karlings.

*The Glitterhoof Memes.

*The fact this sub tracks its members as "Xwedodah Lovers"

*The fact we have a secondary sub by the name of r/ShitCrusaderKingsSay for this very reason

and one more I forget.

Because I was a little pissed off at being called a bigot quite randomly on this sub (A place I thought was pretty for lack of a better term non-PC) And because he felt reason to check my account to try and prove I was a bigot somehow, I checked his account; I discovered he was a Marxist communist, now quick history lesson they made the term "Political Correctness" in the first place so I essentially told him "words do not define action, and jokes are subjective, even if the humour involved is dry to the point of aridity" Then I said basically I wasn't going to entertain his remarks anymore and as a kind of fuck you to him, suggested he read the works of three people involved and against communism over time.

Later on someone commented on that post saying one seems legit, the other he called a hack and the last he called "A Transphobic Hatemonger" so at this point I was done, I hear this shit all the time IRL and really sincerely meant no offence.

So with that and the fact that :

A.) This is a non-political sub, I am sure others are as sick of it, as me frequent this sub.

B.) I was already having people comment on it thus taking away from the actual OP that Kathmandoom posted.

I deleted all of what I wrote and fucked the whole thing off because I am sick of that shit nowadays, I'm not a bigot, the joke was probably too far, sorry or whatever.

There is the jist of it.

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