Theresa May held private dinner for Daily Mail editor at No 10

Forgot who Edwina Currie was for a second.

Looked her up on Wikipedia and remembered she's a bit of a shitstain* on Derbyshire. I would make a joke about her being from Wankershire (partly because I have a bias towards Yorkshire over Lancashire due to having many Yorkshire family members, but mostly because I'm a bit immature and find "Wankershire" hilarious, also I'm drunk), but even Lancashire folk don't deserve to be associated with her.

I suppose on the plus side, she'll die being remembered as a complete and utter shitstain by most people.

  • According to PinkNews she's a "gay rights pioneer", and other sources cite her as bein pro-EU, so maybe I'm biased against her due to her party affiliation and my parents opinion of her. But ultimately she was (and still is) a tory, and anyone who agrees with what the tories stand for with regards to the economy (in the current Tory form), disability, or welfare is a shitstain by default. I think anyone who thinks of a positive association with the tories as a good thing is probably a bit of a shitstain.
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