These cops are complete scum bags and clearly very stupid.

Lol wow look at yourself. I didn't say asking for context was and I didn't even call you a police apologist outright. I said you use a lot of the same language they do and it's obvious what they are doing.

It's a fucking infant in a public parking lot during daytime. You can't just toss an infant down wherever and know they will be okay. If the mother was too busy getting tackled and handcuffed the baby isn't exactly safe. She didn't use the baby as a human shield, she was already holding it when the cop came up guns drawn and pointed at her as she was being told to put her hands up when she can't. Also she is being told to get out of the car while screaming the door is broken and making it clear she is pregnant so she doesn't risk a her unborn baby dying from a taser.

You can try your talking down to someone thing that cops just love to do as well by the way, it doesn't bother me one bit. It actually makes me feel kind of bad for you. You can't have an adult conversation without being rude.

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