These Countries Have Prices on Carbon. Are They Working?

How are big corporations exempt....or is his the case.

"NB Power to dodge major carbon taxes after Ottawa proposes looser rules on coal plants"

What big business pays: Large industrial emitters will be covered by a different system and will be taxed on a portion of their emissions, based on how efficient they are relative to industry peers. This is meant to protect industrial competitiveness while still providing an incentive for companies to reduce emissions.

They're called output-based allocations. And it's very easy to manipulate this system as a government official to exempt your political buddies from paying carbon taxes.

That's why Chris Ragan from the Ecofiscal Commission said OBAs must be "temporary, targeted and transparent."

Canada's OBA model is really none of those things. It's a free-for-all depending on where the Liberals need votes. That's why you see exemptions in the Maritimes and no exemptions in carbon-heavy electricity production in AB and SK.

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