These girls are angels. Yall ever pick up anyone like this? I feel like I havent lived up to my potential with women still even tho I have improved tremendously. Do yall ever get that feeling?

In aLloyd honest I have been with about 3 on this level. ONE I met at a concert,the other on Instagram, and the other at a bus station .2 of them came on to me after I gave them a look.The Instagram one I dmed her and said she was hot.She waso 18 and said thx.Then we talked about music and fashion. THEN I SENT her a video of me jerking off ...She actually liked it a lot and sent me a video of her in a thong clapping her ass cheeks on snapchat.Eventually we met up and had sex..Boosted my confidence when she said she was nervous Cuz my D was a lot bigger than the one guy she had sex with ..Two days later she started acting dumb and denied we had sex..I was like uh I got proof and pics..Then she got pissed and blocked hottest chick's r crazy

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