These kind of people are not your friends. Don't lie to yourself, and don't let other people lie to you, about yourself. Befriend people who want the best for you!

I actually agree to this, there's no point of replacing each one of these comments with "You're ugly, and you are fat." That is just as unhelpful as this. It's just bullying someone.

My point is, you can't just compliment someone, just for the sake of complimenting, because you inherently despise them and think they are miserable. Not a single one of those comments are genuine, and I only find that disingenuous act harmful.

On top of that, it makes the poster almost addicted to this attention, because they don't really believe this "love" either. Simply because the reality doesn't match this horde of compliments. It traps them in this wheel of delusion.

I've actually seen many different versions of this, in one of them, a person with a bridged nose was "complaining" how ugly their nose was, and the comments were just like this one. They had replied to every single one of them, being hundreds. When I checked their profile, I saw couple more posts, that were exactly the same. That was their personality.

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