These Nashville police officers ran into danger and evacuated residents before an RV explosion

I agree with terrorists being labeled terrorists, but to act like one side is pure and moral while the other side isnt, or that both sides dont commit terroristic acts, is where the tribalism gets you. Also its telling that when an act does occur both sides initially paint the act as the other sides doing. Right or left, the further you go the more militant the people are. Remember when those dudes with tikki torches showed off their nazi shit, ALL THE RIGHT WING IS LIKE THAT THEY ARE THOSE GUYS! Then when that guy shot up that baseball game? ALL THE LEFT IS LIKE THESE GUYS THEY ARE SHOOTING OUR REPS!. Both acts of intimidation or violence in the name of politics. Both sides are full of assholes that justify their BS, and they use "how many of us" there are to justify it. So tribalism creates terrorism. Only simple minded people that want to be told what to think join a tribe. Both sides suck. You all suck.

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