These rioters are out of control!!!

Okay so as someone who does actually post there let me clear something up. They aren't looking for the rules to be applied to them, quite the contrary. They're anarchists they don't want the "rules" to be applied to anyone, anything that gets applied to them by the state is viewed as a violation. So it's not so much that they want the rules to be applied to them fairly as it is they want the rules to be applied to no one, fairly.

That said I don't always agree with the communist mission that that particular subreddit backs. I'm anti state first and foremost, beyond that a working free market capitalist system is fine with me, or a working communist system is fine. However I see the establishment of Anarcho capitalistism to be a more achievable goal so that's where I focus a lot of my attention. Also leftists can be intolerable sometimes and I relate to the opinions of ancaps like Mr. Dapperton more than I do to any of the leftists. I just get called a brocialist whenever I bring my opinions around in leftist subs. So I like the communist economic system but I don't like the other morals many of the advocates for such a system hold so I identify more with the ancaps even though I don't like capitalistism as much I like the views of the capitalists more.

If any of you have questions about anarchy, communism, or real capitalism feel free to ask me. I've spent a lot of time around all these things so I can give you some interesting opinions and facts.

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