They'll get her killed man

It’s strange to imagine how the press would treat a President Bernie.

With Trump, a right-wing populist, they treat him like a tsundere anime girl : they pretend not like the way he acts, or the way he talks, but they need him so, so badly. It’s not just about the ratings - it’s that when the political landscape has gotten as polarized as it is, the only candidates people will want to see are left-wing populists, or right-wing populists. So even if the latter goes against the media’s liberal values, he is at least not threatening their economic interests, so of course they’ll make a show of hating him while giving him billions in free marketing.

But with Sanders, there would be a President that they actually hate. How do you think they’d act, then? You can’t just ignore him, or downplay/lie about the size of his support, like they’re doing now. He would be the ‘leader of the free world’. So how’d they act?

  • (or, at least, he campaigned as a right-wing populist, he talks like one, and the media treats him like one, but he really governs like any modern Republican would - cut taxes and stuff the Supreme Court; except maybe in foreign policy)
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