They're all the same

I prefer not to tell people I'm a veteran because I don't want preferential treatment. A perfect example of this happened recently.

I have a civil suit against me by a junk debt buyer for a debt that I have no knowledge of. Not having enough money for a lawyer I was forced to defend myself. It did not go well at all despite the entire ordeal being exactly the same as other cases in higher courts. The local elected judge with just a couple days legal training found for them despite not allowing me to present a defense at all. I filed an appeal and they gave me the run around until I filed an affidavit of indigency. It required me to disclose bank account and health care information that are very telling of me being a veteran.

When I check the status, in person, of the affidavit and my appeal the court clerks and judge were completely accommodating. Even offering me legal advice which is a big no no. I found it weird considering their behavior up until that point. Just before I walked out of the clerks office the judge thanked me for serving.

Next day I'm at the higher courts clerk office and getting the same run around. They demanded that I refile all my paperwork by the end of the day. I had another 2 weeks on the time to perfect my appeal. Which was already perfected by my filings that day according to the Rules of Civil Procedure and Rules of Appellate Procedure. Flat out they wanted money claiming that my affidavit of indigency will be challenged and that I must pay them immediately. When I explain my situation and finances which alluded me being a veteran they asked if I was a veteran. Of course I answered honestly, yes.

Their entire demeanor changed instantly and they wrote a "V" in the corner of every document I had filed. Suddenly without doing anything other than admitting I'm a veteran my appeal is perfected and the court costs waived.

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