They're NOT First Responders

Boy this threads a rabbit hole even though OP is right. Being a first responder means you need to have hands on, at least to me. But, I’m with BBen on shedding the first responder mentality and calling us mobile healthcare. think we need the European system! Separate from Fire, no more certificate programs. Associates degree medics become BLS Paramedics, Bachelors become ALS Paramedics, and than create a masters degree for us like Europe has and like Austin EMS is playing with. Create the...(dramatic music)... Paramedic Practioner who can actually cut down on some of the 911/ ER abuse and cut down on the insane amount of Pt’s in them. But than they would have to pay us right, the dinosaurs who believe oxygen for all would have to be a little more educated, and the National Fire Association would loose their cash cow that helps them afford the shiny new fire trucks.

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