They're putting immigrants in concentration camps

I mean I was totally for them coming here but my god they crossed illegally, that is a RULE that they BROKE.

A broken rule that can kill millions of American citizens if done by the wrong person, the act of crossing illegally isn't the real problem, it's a symptom of it.

The simple fact that it's physically humanly possible to cross the open desert is monumentally dangerous to the United States. Nothing is stopping them from carrying over a dirty bomb or test animals with plague infections. There is literally not a single thing stopping the people who did this - from entering the United States right now and we would have absolutely no clue that it was happening.

its almost as if this is actually nothing to do with their legal status.

Then what does it have to do with in your mind? Racism? If that was the case, why do I believe with all my heart that I should have to go through the same background checks when I enter Mexico or any other country for their citizens safety? ALL governments regardless of the racial makeup of their nation has a inherent duty to protect their citizens from outsiders, period.

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