They're putting immigrants in concentration camps

Why would they do that? Why would a terrorist walk across our border with radiation material?

Ever heard of a suicide bomber? And it could have shielding.

Forget the thing that you said was the reason why it isn't just racism but a genuine concern for the safety of Americans?

The GENERAL DANGER is the reason not that specific scenario. It was just a theoretical possibility I used as a example. It could be any kind of bomb or weapon.

Also why don't they just come here legally and then cause plenty of mass murder. You can buy guns here you know.

Getting full auto weapons in America requires FBI background checks and such, they can just waltz across the desert with the weapons they already have.

40 years ago it was common that migrant workers from Mexico would come and work seasonally in the US.

But they don't go back anymore and they demand handouts and benefits.

Then the GOP realized that since they can't go after black people any more out in the open, but the country was still profoundly racist, then southern migrants were the next best thing and we start introducing harsher and harsher migration laws which effectively made what they had been doing now illegal.

OR MABYE Mexico is a vastly more dangerous & corrupt place then it used to be before the 80s.

Right ... you know we commit more crimes than migrants, legal or otherwise, yeah?

1 - There is vastly more legal citizens then migrants so of course overall there would be more crime by us then then Illegals, 2 - Irrelevant, we don't have things like the Durango massacre or Rwandan Genocide happening here.

Where the fuck did you get the idea that the cartels give a shit about carrying out terrorism in the US? AGAIN the cartels carry out violence in communities to keep them under control.

In Texas there have been plenty of cartel killings, mayors, sheriffs getting gunned down in broad daylight.

Just like we did with Muslim refugees where Trump some how convinced you morons that the people fleeing ISIS in Syria were also actually ISIS coming to kill us, he has also convinced you that the people fleeing the cartels are actually the cartels.

WE ARE AWARE that the majorities of these groups are fleeing ISIS/Cartels. That doesn't change the fact that cartel/ISIS agents might be hiding among them.

There are no statistics to support that

70% of women who cross the border are raped by their fellow travelers or by the coyotes who take them across.

And again there is no evidence that migrants carry out violent crime at a higher rate. Migrants are more likely to be attacked by Americans than are to attack Americas. Migrants are more likely to be victims of sexual assault than cause sexual assault

So yes you are pulling it out of thin air to justify racism

literally nothing I have said or advocated for is racist. If you illegally trespass in Mexico you don't get a slap on the wrist and deported, you get 3 years in some of the worst prisons imaginable at the bare minimum, are they racist for doing such or does that ONLY apply when America dares to enforce our god/natural given right to be fucking safe?

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